Weekend Recap

Finish Line

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As you know from my brief weekend post, I survived the 10k! In fact, I far exceeded my expectations on my time. It was a beautiful – but COLD – morning and there was a lot of awesome people lining the route cheering us on. At least that’s what it looked like while Lady Gaga was singing in my ears! 😉

I only had a few tiny twinges of pain in the problem area during the run – in which I immediately walked for 15-30 seconds then ran again – and after, my only sore spots have been my quads! So encouraging!!

I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow, but I think I’ll go for the “stress-reducing” kind instead of the “fix my injuries” kind. I think I earned it!

After a weekend of what I’m calling “Sausage Fest 2011,” there was little to no hope of a loss this week and in fact I was fearing a gain. Lucky for me, I’m sticking constant at 168.


To get off this constant, I’m going to need to make a change.

Phase one of my “Not-A-Diet” is going to revolve around upping my vegetable and fruit intake and reducing cheese. I’m going to try to get as many vegetarian meals in as I can and since apple season is still going strong, I’ll have no problem getting those fruits in!

I’m also going to restart the wine boycott as the week I tried cutting back turned out to be one of the most social, “let’s go out for cocktails” weeks in a long time! Now that this week is shaping up to be a quiet one, I’ll have better luck at sticking to it.

Here’s hoping it’s less stressful too!

Whiny Wine

White Wine Reflection

This post was inspired by Holly over at Holly The Everythingtarian blog. As I’ve been reaching out to my peers and reading about their stories on their blogs, I find myself getting more and more inspired and energized as to my journey to health and well-being.

Holly’s story – and the fact she’s a fellow Minnesotan – really hit home.

Not to put down or slam any of the other fabulous women bloggers I’ve discovered, but as a 38-year-old, fit-but-overweight German/Irish woman (meaning: stocky), sometimes I feel 1) too old, 2) too stumpy and/or 3) too frumpy to be included in this group of health/lifestyle bloggers. Yes, I know that’s my Inner Saboteur (whom I call Bitchface) talking smack, and for far too long I let her drag me down.

Like Holly, I also grew up in a large family. I love to eat. I’m goofy. I have self-image issues. Counting calories and being hyper-vigilant about what I was eating also made me crazy-insaneo-obsessed. I also love to drink – especially wine. But her statement of “dranking doesn’t make you lose weight. FYI.” made a light go off in my head.

I love wine. I really, really do. It’s one of the few vices I have, and I thought that I could still enjoy that vice.

But, if I really look at my behavior when I have wine, I realize that after a few glasses, the munchies (not to be confused with the Monkees) show up uninvited and start a party of their own. I can’t begin to imagine the calories I consumed!

Thus, I need a goal: I’m going to not have any wine for a week.

Tomorrow night, we’re taking some out-of-town friends to our favorite cocktail bar, then to a new Japanese restaurant I’ve been dying to try. I’ll have one mixed drink at the cocktail bar, and water/tea at the restaurant. Otherwise, I’m going to not have any wine/beer/alcohol all weekend and through next Thursday. Yes, there’s going to be one drink in there…but in the grand scheme of things, it shouldn’t derail my plan.

If that goes well, then I’ll stretch it to two weeks.

This might be the hardest thing I’ve tried – and I’ve done a half marathon and a Warrior Dash!

(Me after finishing my half marathon, October 2010)

I’m not sure if I need to cut wine from my life completely or if I just need to reduce my intake. If wine is like my love of cookies, then I can’t have it in the house at all. However, if it’s like my love of cheese, then I should be able to enjoy it in moderation after my experiment is complete.

What challenges do you face with removing/cutting back on your vices? How do you overcome?