Well then.

Yes, I know it’s been a while. Ok, so it’s been 11 months.

I’ve been busy! I’ve also been blogging in more than one spot too. Although, since I started this job, I’ve been blogging less. It figures that once I started making and fixing WordPress, I didn’t have any time/energy to USE it. 😀

Terrible problems that I have, I know. In order to catch you up, I’m going to ask myself a few questions.

“You signed up for a race series? With a half marathon? Are you insane?”

“How did your half marathon training go?”

“How did your half marathon go?”

“What are you doing next?”

For the race series, I kinda go into detail into it here. So go read that and I’ll answer the half marathon training question instead.

(And read all the posts on that blog to get caught up even more on what’s been going on.)

It started out well, then it went to shit.

With my job, I get the opportunity to travel a lot – which I love! Since my last update on this blog, I’ve had the opportunity to go to:

  • Montreal (Canada)
  • San Francisco (CA) twice!
  • Santa Cruz (CA)
  • San Juan (Puerto Rico)
  • Austin (TX) for the SXSW Festival
  • Christ Church (Barbados)
  • Portland (OR)
  • Philadelphia (PA)

Gorgeous day in Philly. #latergram

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All this travel is fantastic. However, it also throws a wrench into my normal routine which includes my training routine. I could have a long run scheduled on a travel day and I think “oh, I’ll just do it the next day!” then I get mired in being in a new place with people I’m not normally around and usually dealing with weather I’m not totally used to. You don’t realize how much a sudden 30 degree change in temperature or being at a different altitude can wreck your fitness goals.

Thus, a week where I was supposed to have run close to 18 miles, I only squeezed in 5. The next week, I was sick with a combination head cold and spring allergies. Do not recommend.

Time was ticking away to the half marathon date and I was woefully undertrained. I started planning on running a Galloway-style of speed intervals. For my half, I was going to do a 3min run/1min walk then adjust as necessary. Given the fact that my long run was only 9 miles and that was BEFORE the trips/sickness, I was in a slight panic.

Which brings us to the next question: how did my half go?

Well, it didn’t.

See, this post for that story.

Which leads us to what am I up to now?

Well, first off, I have to miss the last race in my race series! But it’s because of an awesome reason: I’M MOVING!

It’s no secret that winter and I don’t get along. Well, this past winter broke me and Tim and I made the decision to move to the West Coast. After some deliberation and a visit, we decided on the Portland, OR area.

The question I get all the time since we made the decision was “Why Portland?” Well, we’ve always loved the Pacific NW, and upon doing the research, it fits all our desires:

Changes of seasons. While Portland has distinct seasons, it rarely gets above 90 degrees even in the hottest part of the summer and in winter it rarely gets below freezing. It might snow and stick around for a few days, but it’s gone shortly thereafter. I can still wear sweaters/boots – but I won’t want to hole up in my house for 5 months and curse every time it snows because I have to shovel. Some people have said “but it’s cloudy and rainy”. I’ll fucking take it.

And the summers there get warm – and they don’t need air conditioning. SIGN ME UP.

Liberal leaning. Oregon is consistently a blue state. I don’t think I could even live in a red state, to be honest.

Tech community. I have a number of coworkers that are already in Portland, there’s a ton of tech giants and startups, and I can get FIOS internet for half of what I’m paying now for Comcast’s meager offerings. Hell. Yes.

Outdoor activities. I love hiking, biking, and running outdoors. With Portland’s weather, I can run outside year-round (unless it drops below 40 degrees). Where we’re going to live (outside of Portland proper), we’re an hour from the beach, an hour from the mountains, and an hour from wine country. Sounds pretty damn good to me.

Cost of living. The Portland area’s cost of living is very similar to Minneapolis. Seattle and San Francisco were much higher. Not needing to change our standard of living = awesome.

I could keep going on, but I’ll just leave it there. We love the Portland area.

Really the only stress point I have about the whole thing is moving the cats. Twenty-two hundred miles with three cats who hate the car? OMG SEND ALL THE BOOZE.

Since we’re driving both vehicles out, my sister is going to come and ride along with me so I’m not alone with the yowling. Well, I think Chester will be fine, and I think Pixel will chill out eventually, but Roxy will lose her shit.

The battle of stubbornness has begun. #friday #alwayswatching

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The vet has some pheromone stuff that should help – they highly recommended to NOT tranquilize them because it stresses everyone out. I tend to agree.

Well, I guess that’s enough catching up for now! Stay tuned for my next post a year from now. 😀

Otherwise, see my WordPress.com blog linked to above or my other standalone site at carolynsonnek.com for future updates.

Moving Blues

Can someone tell me where March went?

I took the 1st through the 18th off work to finish up packing and moving to our new house on the 3rd of the month. And boy did I have my work cut out for me over those days:

1. Unpacking as much as I could.
2. Priming and painting four rooms (including two huge ones).
3. Try and have one day to relax.

Yes, it’s a list of three things, but there’s a lot packed into those three things! However, here’s how things actually happened:

Day 1-2: finish packing in preparation of moving on day 3.

Day 3-4: Moving and finishing moving.

On day 3 my sister (who’s a gas line and appliance repairperson and an all-around electrical whiz) noticed that there was scorching on the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom due to an improperly installed light fixture (the bulbs were too close to the ceiling). So my sister pulls the wires, caps them off and makes plans to come up in two weeks to install a new junction box and light.

This means we had to patch/prep for painting this bathroom too – bringing us up to 5 rooms to paint! Since we had to paint, we decided to change the color from the existing yellow (which I was tired of as it was the same color as my old bathroom) to the same soft grey that we were going to paint in the adjoining living room.

More moving, cleaning and collapsing into a coma-like sleep from all the hard work.

Day 5: Things were going well in the “unpack the kitchen,” “find clothing” and “do laundry” projects until I went out to get the mail from the mailbox. You know the saying “that last step is a doozy?!” Well, I missed that last step and ended up in a heap on the sidewalk with a very painful left ankle!

After swearing a couple of times (ok, more than a couple…), I started assessing my situation: didn’t hit my head, can move my arms, can move my legs/feet – all good things. Gave the injured left foot a bit of movement then a tentative bit of weight and determined that nothing was broken.

Having broken a bone in my foot before and having been in sports all my life, I know sharp, stabby pain equals “broken” and strong achy/throbbing pain equals “sprain”.

I ended up hobbling to the mailbox to get the mail, went in the house, downed three ibuprofen (to reduce swelling to the injury) and went into RICE mode with the ankle (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).

I was so mad! First full day of unpacking and I sprain my ankle walking to the mailbox? Argh!

Day 6-7: My forced “take a day off” time. Problem is that I didn’t enjoy it at all because I was twitching to continue working on painting and unpacking and cleaning! Nothing worse than being laid up on the couch with a hundred projects that you want to be working on staring you in the face!

Day 8-18: A BLUR.

No, seriously. When I got to the Sunday before I had to go back to work, I sat there and tried to fathom how I just spent nearly 3 weeks working on this stuff and it went by in a blink!

Now that I’ve been back to work for two weeks, we’ve been slowly getting the rest of it done. We even braved a weeknight trip to Ikea (where we checked out as they were closing!) to pick up a few more things.

With the exception of the downstairs bathroom that needs another coat of paint and hanging up the towel bars, mirror and over-the-toilet cabinet (because by last Sunday, we were sick and tired of painting), we’re nearly finished! Here’s hoping, anyway. 😉

We’re so excited with our new house and with the unseasonably warm weather, all the flowers and perennials are starting to come up! Even my strawberry patch is starting to grow! I’m slightly panicked as I’m nowhere near ready to plant and take care of a garden! Take every day one at a time, I suppose!

Also, despite the sprained ankle, I have some exciting fitness/sports related news! But, that’s for my next post. (tease!!)