Winter Sucks

This weekend we got a winter storm of epic proportions. Although the “official” reports put the total around 10 inches, we got a lot more than that. We had to shovel the driveway three times on Sunday and I can tell you, there was more than a foot of snow! Here’s a picture from around 2pm that day:

Mid-way through the storm.
Mid-way through the storm.

Prior to that, we had NO SNOW.

As I get older, the more I dread winter. So much so that we’re seriously considering moving to the Pacific NW. Yes, it rains…but it’s not snow. Or the month of January when it’s below zero for weeks at a time.

I think Chester would approve.

Chester hates the snow too.
Chester hates the snow too.

Black Friday was a time to get some early Xmas gifts. Oh, who am I kidding, I bought the Vita for me because it was on sale and Persona 4 Golden finally came out.

My precioussss.....
My precioussss…..

Such a good game. They added enough new social links, scenes and a bunch of other stuff from the original PS2 version that it feels like a whole new game. Had so much fun so far…and there’s lots of game yet to be played!

Since Tim has a PlayStation+ account, he has access to a ton of free games every month. One such game we downloaded was Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. What a fun little platformer! One of the graphics in one of the stages really cracked me the hell up:

I had to take a phone pic of this. So absurd.
I had to take a phone pic of this. So absurd.

If you’re not familiar with the YouTube video, there’s a part where they say “PORKCHOP SANDWICHES!” Never fails to crack me up.

“My god did that smell good!”

*dies laughing*

A List?

To-do list book.

I haven’t done a list in a while…and today I really need it to focus for my plans after work.

  1. Run!
  2. Process CSA share.
  3. Eat something healthy for supper (hopefully using something from the CSA share)…and no snacking!
  4. Record segment for The Digital Cowboys.
  5. Try to fit in some more Persona 4 tonight while Tim is at class.

Got in an eight mile run on Saturday, and am really feeling that this new training program is working for me. My challenge will be to get in the 10-11 mile run this Saturday while my sister is here to help install our new screen door…and Tim’s off at his friend’s video game Retro Party (it’s a total sausage fest, otherwise I’d go too) that afternoon. If not, I’ll have to make Saturday the rest day and Sunday the long run day. I guess I’ll have to see.

I don’t know if I’ll get a CSA share next year as I’ve wasted so much produce. I have made some discoveries:

  • I hate turnips.
  • Swiss Chard is delicious when you use it like cooked spinach. Raw, not so much
  • While I like tomatoes, I don’t like them ALL THE TIME.
  • I can never have enough green beans.
  • Fresh, farm-grown carrots are DIVINE. No peeling necessary, just a scrub.
  • I can eat my weight in zucchini, just not every day.

I’ve been able to make a lot of garden vegetable soup for the freezer, which makes for easy lunches at the office, especially now that the weather is getting cooler. We also got a 1/4 beef from my uncle, so we don’t have to buy any meat for a VERY long time. I forgot just how delicious good ground beef can be; flavorful, not stringy and gross and cooks like a dream. All in moderation…

Tim and I did get engaged on vacation (and I haven’t had time to put the vacation photos up on Flickr – I probably should add that to my list too) and it was a complete and wonderful surprise. He bought the perfect ring for me (simple, white gold band – exactly what I wanted) and was so sweet and romantic when he proposed…despite the fact I shrieked “WHAT THE HELL?” when he pulled the ring box out of his pocket. (I’m cool and classy like that) Best part was there was absolutely no hesitation or any feelings of obligation to say yes…it was just so perfect and right.

Needless to say, when we get married, it’ll just happen. I’ve done the big wedding and planning (and spending!) on everything…and it didn’t make one whit of difference whether or not the marriage would work. Tim and I have been very happy for over 4 years now, and it just seems to get better every day. We have our moments just like any couple…but for the most part those moments are few and far between. I mean, who else would find it hilarious to yell “IN YOUR PANTS? IN YOUR PANTS!” like Craig Ferguson back and forth? We always say we’re not like other couples…and for that I’m so happy.

* * * * *
I don’t know if I’m having an allergy attack or if I still am fighting the cold I had last week. I’m so stuffed up and my eyes are tired and dry. Feh.

It's Funny Because It's True

I’m surprised Tim didn’t present me with this last night when he got home from class. He was surprised that I wasn’t planted on the couch playing the game (at that point, I hadn’t even cracked the plastic wrap on the case). But, I had just spent 3 hours editing the audio nightmare that was SnarkFu (Skype was being a hoar and J’s audio quality went to crap…had to do a lot of cutting/splicing to make a coherent show) and finally, after I exported the Soundbooth file to mp3 at around 10pm, I decided I would finish up the tagging/uploading tonight after volleyball and get in some FFXIII time before bed.

Two words: So. Gorgeous.

A few more: I LOVE IT.

I usually have a problem with a new battle system in the JRPGs I play. I usually hate it for about the first 5-10 hours until I get the hang of it, but this one I’m loving right off the bat. It took the good parts of the battle system from FFXII and FFX-2 and combined them into Voltron a great battle system. Granted, I only put about 30 minutes into it (right around the time when you get control of Snow), but I’m so looking forward to more!

I just hope Tim doesn’t die of neglect!

* * * * *

Today’s my last day of work before I take a week off. I have the office remodel, a sports massage on Friday, the Aquabats on Saturday and the Auto Show (with brunch!) on Sunday. Going to be awesome!

Tim's Writing Debut!

I know, he writes on his own blog, but now he’s published his first article (a reworked version of his Green Gaming article from Earth Day) on the

Do me (and Tim!) a favor and give a little click through love! He’ll be writing more in the Green Gamer series for the Examiner and you can follow along on his feed. I’ll most likely link to them here too.

I’m quite proud of him. 🙂

I Want To Believe…

The more I find out about the new X-Files movie, the less I want to see it. Also, the reviews that are coming out are not too glowing. Rotten Tomatoes gives it [as of today] a 29%. Granted, it’s no “Catwoman” [which is a 8%], but what is?

So I may wait for it to come out on Netflix. I still need to see the “Sex in the City” movie, though.

* * * * *

But speaking of Netflix, I absolutely cannot wait for the fall when the XBox 360 adds Netflix streaming support so I can watch any “play it now” movie/video through the 360 on my TV. How awesome is that? Especially since Netflix never developed support for the Mac, however, who watches movies at their computer?

Also, after the Microsoft E3 keynote [yes, I know I’m over a week behind], I have absolutely no reason to buy a PS3 now that Final Fantasy 13 is coming to the 360 in the US and Europe in addition to the PS3. It will still be PS3 only in Japan, but nobody in Japan gives a crap about the 360.

I think it’s interesting that SquareSoft is taking this move to offering their previously “exclusive” cash cow franchise to more than one console. I think by the success of 360 games like Lost Odyssey [which I need to finish] and Blue Dragon, SquareSoft saw the niche of the 360 RPG-er not being fully represented.

The cheapskate in me is so happy that they made that decision. I would’ve eventually bought a PS3 [when they got cheaper] just to play FF13. But now, I only have to buy the game!

* * * * *

Also, this site cracked me the hell up: ZombieHarmony

“Because the apocalypse doesn’t have to be lonely…”

*dies laughing*