1, 2, 3, 4, take the elevator…

This is going to be a post of a whole lot of miscellenay. Why? Because I'm bored.

I am going to do a review of “Get Behind Me Satan” later today. I'm giving it another listen at work…and I'm wishing that I could crank up the volume. Alas, I cannot.
Oh well.

Oh sweet Jesus – this comic (Dinosaur Comics)* is making me laugh so hard right now…
*-linked to the first comic
*falls off chair laughing*
The premise is that they use the EXACT SAME GRAPHIC for every cartoon. They have one almost daily since 2/1/2003. 2003! It's twisted to be sure – and damn funny.

Also – for the gaming nerd inside all of us…
…there is this wonderful site: EveryVideoGame.com.
I don't know what's required to play it yet – since I AM at work. But goddamn – THEY HAVE DESTINY OF AN EMPEROR! *squee*
Ok – I probably should do some work this morning.


Ok…now I'm getting a sharp pain in my RIGHT side. It's bad enough I have to deal with the pain on the left…thanks body. Thank you for working against me all day today! No really, I'm sure I would like to keep this pain train going.
Just a recommendation: don't get old. Getting old brings nothing but pain and hair in places you don't want it.