Injury Recovery

Adriana Walking Lunge

This past spring I injured my right hip while overtraining – running too much too soon – and I’ve been fighting like hell to get back to shape. Basically what happened is I strained my piriformis muscle and it developed a knot that took WEEKS to resolve.

If you’re familiar with the physiology and musculature of the glutes, you will know just how difficult it is to massage that muscle!

I get a sports massage once a month to deal with that particular issue and I started going to a personal trainer to address the strength issues that caused the problem in the first place. Apparently running doesn’t work all the muscles in your legs/lower body and without proper cross-training, you can develop problems — which is exactly what happened to me. Who knew?

I also had to “start over” with my running.

What I mean by “start over” is just that: I had to start running like I had never run before in my life!

That has been the hardest part. Why? Well, because mentally I can run a half marathon (just over 21 kilometers) but my body couldn’t run a single kilometer! It was so frustrating that I can’t even describe how bad it was! I hampered my recovery from this injury in June by running too much, too soon and I was laid up for 3 days with enough pain that I had a hard time walking, much less doing anything else.

I just really want to get back to where I was last year: able to run 3-4 miles, then do a half hour of really intense cross training/weights, alternate days of 6+ miles running and one long 9-10 miler on the weekend. Last summer that wasn’t an issue, which made the psychological impact of this injury this year even more acute.

Me running my first 10k in 2010

So, slow and steady is how I had to do it.

I did the Warrior Dash (link to my old blog post about it) in July, which in hindsight might have been too soon for my body to tackle, but I did it without injury. I walked it, but I finished!

I really wanted to do the half-marathon this weekend, but because of my slow and steady recovery, I was stressing myself out trying to get into shape for it. Because of this, I ended up dropping down to the 10k race at the same event and saving myself a lot of stress.

Rest assured, I’m gunning for that half marathon for 2012! 🙂

However, tomorrow I’m going to run my 3rd 10k race and the first real running race since my injury. I’ve been working my ass off getting back into shape and I’m hoping I have a good result.

Wish me luck!

Since I’ll be out-of-town, I won’t have much time to update the blog this weekend. I might make a quick update post from my phone to let you all know how I did (and if I survived)! 🙂

Happy Friday!

Weigh In Tuesday

Running shoe after wash


Up a half pound from last week (I forgot to weigh myself yesterday). Not surprising since it’s the week that every woman has to deal with. In other words: water retention!

Oh boy!

In other news, I’m struggling to get my miles in training for the 10k a month from now. Right now, I can do a slow 5k, so I’m hoping that I can work that up to a 10k by then. I’m even taking my running gear out of town and making myself keep on track.

It’s difficult to not get down and frustrated with my lack of progress this summer with running and fitness. But, I just gotta keep telling myself that it’s SLOW AND STEADY, not instant gratification.

How do you stay motivated?