Spring? HAH!

Literally a sink full of asparagus. Thanks Mom!

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I think Spring just skipped over Minnesota this year. We went from snow in the first part of May to seemingly non-stop rain the rest of May and into June.

All this rain has kept me out of my garden – which blows. I borrowed a tiller from one of our friends back in May and I haven’t been able to use it yet because of all the rain. I think I will be able to get in there tomorrow if the weather cooperates.


Well, I’m going to plant kale, summer squash and tomatillos for sure – I think it’s too late for peas and green beans.

The reason I’ve not been able to plant much is because I spent half of May traveling! I was in Santa Fe, NM for a week attending a work meetup with my awesome Happiness co-workers. The first half of the meetup was great, then I got the worst cold in my life and spent the rest of the meetup in my room eating ice cream and taking NyQuil.


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Seriously, my throat hurt so bad ice cream was the only thing I could eat without wanting to cry. Even drinking water was painful!

Then the last week of May we went to San Francisco for fun! We got to go to a WordPress 10th anniversary party our first night in town, which was great. Got to meet the crew from Pownce finally, and we had an amazing time with our friends Jason and Vicky and their daughters.

And I’m such a shitty tourist. Traveling for nearly two weeks and I barely took a dozen photos!

The end of this month I’m going to WordCamp Montreal where I’ll be giving a presentation on podcasting with WordPress. That will eventually turn into a blog post over on my other blog. But first, I need to overcome my panic and get the damn presentation done!

(Easier said than done)

And no post on blogkitten.com would be complete without a cat photo.

I can still see you!

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There we go!

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  1. Just leaving a comment to say how adorable Pixel is. I’m also testing comment notifications for Jetpack on unrelated logged in accounts. Also, I’m commenting on my own blog as someone else. LOL

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