Come Stand Me Up!

So this happened…

Oh, and this happened on Saturday. Hell. Yes.

For my 40th birthday (at least that’s what I keep telling myself), my best friend Diane got tickets to the Soundgarden (SG) concert in Minneapolis on February 2nd and flew out here with her husband to celebrate my late birthday!

Little known fact – Diane and I met way back in 1999 on some SG bulletin board (REMEMBER THOSE?!) and over the years we’ve gotten up to some shenanigans and good times traveling to see various members of SG do their side and/or solo projects.

Another little known fact – as massive of fans that we are, we’ve never seen SG live. For me, I never had the chance to – work or other commitments always got in the way. For Diane, she became a huge fan *after* they broke up.

Fast forward to 2013.

We both warned our husbands that we would be going insane waiting for the show. Does this look like sanity to you?

Waiting for @soundgarden at the Orpheum. So. Excited. :-D

Long story short, it was AWESOME. They played the songs we wanted to hear – and none of the songs we didn’t (mainly “Black Hole Sun”….geh). We were on our feet for the entire 2.5 hour show dancing and screaming our hearts out singing along to these songs that we know so well. Songs that created a mutual bond, then a lasting friendship.

If someone says that music isn’t powerful – they’re either lying or they’re stupid. Music – and the shared love of it – can change your life.

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