Countdown to Tri

Well, I feel I should give an update since my last (panicked) post about not being able to swim.

Well, turns out I CAN swim!

Granted, it wasn’t in open water, but last week I tried swimming as many laps as I could without stopping. I was able to do 11 laps (~1/3 of a mile)! Considering I’m only going to have to do a 1/4 mile, this made me happy. Also, I swam again yesterday and did 1/2 mile without dying from exhaustion! Combine that with a successful (if slow) bike/run brick, running a couple 4+ milers and one final bike/run brick scheduled for tomorrow, I feel like I’m in really good shape to finish the race without too much agony!


Other than my neurotic packing list-making, I’m ready for this! Woot woot!

* * * * *

The rest of the week in pictures:

AMAZING food truck sushi:

Revisiting an old food truck favorite:

Pulled pork. Pickled onions. Cojita cheese. Salsa verde. Perfection!

Also, my garden has been going INSANE! Here’s one (of many) pickings of strawberries from my garden:

And the first few blueberries off my blueberry bush!

(After I ate 2 of them! ;))

I’m beginning to think I was a bit overzealous in planting four rows of kale this year. My first picking (off only two of the rows!) yielded a grocery bag full of kale and it barely looks like I did anything.

I foresee a lot turkey kale bean soup in my future! 😉

Wish me luck!