Fixing Myself

the bike wok

I’m being slow in training for the triathlon. Slow as in “not training at all.”

I’ve been swimming a total of ONCE in the past two and a half weeks.

Still haven’t taken the bike out for a spin.

And I haven’t run more than 2.5 miles (and a run/walk at that!) at any given time.

I want to start pushing my training up to another level, but I can feel old, nagging injuries bugging me if I even try. Left hip flexor. Right piriformis. Left ankle still healing from that sprain two months ago.


Plus, with so much stress going on at work, my diet has been TERRIBLE. Eating out a lot, not making healthy choices when we do, and drinking extra calories with the wine and beer I’ve been having with dinner. The stress is also wreaking havoc with my sleep patterns, which makes me tired and depressed.

Something has to change.

I know I hate the “counting calories” business, but I also need to start accounting for the fun sized Twix bars that I just mindlessly hoover in the afternoons (damn co-workers and their candy) and the glasses of wine I have in the evening. That’s a lot of calories that I’m not even thinking about. Calories that if I remove from my diet, I’ll drop some weight and make this training easier on me.

I’m going to use the My Fitness Pal site and Android app to keep track of what I’m eating and make a workout plan that I can (hopefully) stick with. The next two weeks are going to be HELL for making this change, but once I put my mind to something, gol’ darnit, I’m going to do it. I’m tired of feeling fat, old and unable to do the things I want to do with my life.

So there! 😛

I started going to my personal trainer’s “boot camp” class on Tuesday. It’s an hour-long circuit training class and I can still feel the burn today! I really, really wish my ankle would get back to normal so I can start hammering out walking lunges again. They hurt like a mother, but it’s the best thing to do for my hip flexor/piriformis issues.

Now the plan!

Here’s my workout plan for the next two weeks, starting on Sunday:

Tonight I’m going to do a short, two-mile run before Boot Camp, tomorrow night I’m going to shoot for a three-mile run (hopefully with Tim). Saturday we’re going to be busy hosting friends for a party we’ve been planning for a month. While I know I’m going to eat the bratwurst and the ice cream, I’m not going to overindulge.



For those of you out there who know how to fix bikes, can you recommend a good, beginner level book to pick up? I’m mechanically inclined, so I’m not afraid of doing things myself, but I also need to know how to change a bike tire, swap out a new saddle and adjust my clipless pedals!

Thanks in advance!


Now that I got your attention…I’m here to talk about food.

Specifically, eating healthier food.

Meredith over at Swim Bike Mom made a post today about she’s going to apply her triathlon training skills and determination to eating better.

As she put it, “Food is my fuel and I am filling my tank with poop-sicles.”

*snicker* Poop.


Back to food: the key will be slow, deliberate training on eating better. Celebrate the victories and don’t dwell on the failures.


I’m going to follow her lead and take things one meal at a time…and not dwell on the fact I ate fried Mahi-Mahi tacos off a food truck for lunch today instead of the Amy’s roasted vegetable tamale I brought. 😉

I do know what to eat and what not to eat; it all boils down to being lazy and complacent.

Moving to a new house – and relying on eating out and convenience foods for many meals in the week before and the weeks after – really did a number on my healthy cooking and eating habits. Again, that will change.

I didn’t run a half-marathon the first week I started training. I did a couple of miles and over time I worked up to that distance. Retraining my eating has to be the same way.

It’s a strange coincidence that Meredith and I both work in law firms and that we both have extremely stressful weeks coming up. Even more reason to be strong!

I think I can do this, though. It helps having someone go through it with you. 🙂

(Thanks for letting me piggyback on your post, M!)