Uh oh.

It’s been a while since I made a worthwhile post on here!



The last post was on…April 2nd?



(that’s my guilty face)

But a lot has happened since then!

I started running again last week and I’ve had NO problems with the ankle. WOO HOO! However, the jumping jacks my trainer makes me do still give me trouble. But since I don’t do jumping jacks while I run, I’ll be fine!

Also, Tim started running with me! He’s been talking about starting for a long time, and I made him put his money where his mouth was and we finally started using the awesome trail that runs through our backyard.

He did great! We logged 7.5 miles of run/walking (2 min run/1 min walk) last week, which I thought was a fantastic start considering he hadn’t run much before. We haven’t been able to get out at all this week due to both being sick and the cold/rainy weather, but we’re on a good start.

I’ve always been a solo runner who listened to my iPod, but I am having such a blast running with Tim! It makes the minutes and the miles just fly by, and we’re both getting healthier as a result! Win-win!

I also signed up for a new gym – one that has a great (and not busy) lap pool! Not that I’ve gone yet, but the option is there! Can’t wait to scare the locals with my fat butt in a race suit! 😉

I also picked up a fun new scarf!



Ok, so I still look a bit guilty. Well…because the new scarf led me to buy three pairs of shoes. To be fair, one of the pairs of shoes are new SPD-compatible cycle shoes for the triathlon, so I was kinda being practical!



Got a busy weekend ahead of me of working the PT job (that allows me to buy three pairs of shoes and not go broke – thank you employee discount!), hopefully getting some gardening prep done, meeting a framer to get some of my cherished concert posters framed for the new house, and going to a family dinner on Sunday. Oh, and we’re having friends over tonight!

Despite the craziness, things are pretty damn good.



Have an awesome weekend!

Oh Yeah?

Call me lazy. Call me scatterbrained. Call me anything you want, but I know I’ve neglected the ‘ol Blogkitten since I launched the Health Kitten site.

But I’ve had a lot going on!




Ok, so perhaps not that dramatic, but I did have a lot of stuff going on!

I went vegetarian for a number of months.


I also discovered a love of kale.

I tried doing the whole food blogger thing.


I suck at taking food pictures. Give me a landscape any day!

Desert Flower 2

We moved!

Close up of the front

With packing, unpacking, painting, cleaning, constructing and all around working our asses off, the entire month of March has pretty much been one huge blur.

Also going to start training for a triathlon, but you can read about that over at Health Kitten. 😉

Happy (late) 2012!

Dare To Tri

Hy-Vee Triathlon - Women's Elite 038

I’ve done a triathlon before.

Well, it was a team tri (my recap from my other blog), but a tri nonetheless. For the “tl/dr” version: I did the 18-mile bike leg with virtually no training and despite slogging up a very steep and very long hill during my leg, my team won the women’s team division! Mainly because of our college-level swimmer and marathon runner…but I helped!

Fast forward to today.

I signed up for the North Mankato Triathlon in July. Why am I doing a tri and a half marathon all in the same year?

Because I’m nuts.

Well, not really nuts in the “padded cell” kind of way…more like “what am I thinking?”

I’ve always wanted to do one, but never had a reason to do it. Then, when my 3-years younger cousin talked about doing this one, I knew I had to do it. Her goading got me to do my first half marathon back in 2010 and the Warrior Dash last year. As an added bonus, my sister’s house is mere blocks from the park where the race begins. Benefit: no worries about parking/travel!

I suppose I should ask her if I can stay at her house the night of June 30th! (Laura?) 😉

I was also greatly inspired by Meridith over at Swim Bike Mom (seriously, she’s my new hero) to tackle the tri. Just when I think I don’t have time to train for a mere sprint, she’s training for a goddamn Ironman all while juggling two kids and working full time as an attorney.

Working at a law firm myself, I can tell you how many hours the attorneys put in a week: A LOT.

So reading her story every day as she recovers from a broken foot gives me motivation and strength that I too can do this!

Anyway, it’s a sprint tri; this means it’s a .25 mile swim, a 13 mile bike and a 3 mile run. I could do the last two legs right now without training too much, but it’s the swim that’s going to be the biggest hurdle.

I tried lap swimming at the local community center pool in the late winter/early spring of last year after my glute injury and it was a mixed bag. I really enjoyed the swimming part of it and it didn’t take me long to be able to swim lap after lap without much trouble. What I didn’t like were the very limited hours for lap swimming and how goddamn crowded the lap swim got when it was open.

I’m more than happy to share a lane…just don’t be a dick and whack me every time we cross laps.

That got old and I haven’t been back since.

Instead I’m going to tour a local fitness center that has a pool and spin classes to see how crowded things get at the times I’d be wanting to use the pool and will probably begin training in earnest this week.

I’m giving the ankle another week or two before I start running on it again. I gave it a bit of the jog test this weekend (only went ~10 yards or so) and it felt good, but since I still get some twinges when I rotate the ankle, I’d rather err on the side of caution rather than fight through the pain and make things worse. (see last year and the pulled piriformis muscle that took 5 months to heal to 98% because I ran through the pain)