Well, it’s finally November 11, 2011! Now, finally we can stop hearing about it!

Yes, I took a photo at 11:11…don’t judge! You can take your own tonight! 😛

I know of no less than three different friends of friends and coworkers getting married today and I can only imagine what the bars will be like tonight at 11:11pm! (11 shots for $11?)

"Rodney, I can't do this pose!"

Me? I’m going to stay home, do some Power Yoga with Rodney Yee, cook up some vegetarian Indian food (Aloo Matar and Chole Masala) and keep watching my three DVD set of the Pearl Jam Twenty documentary! I’ve been a huge Pearl Jam fan for 20 years, and the documentary – directed by Cameron Crowe – is AMAZING!

I might be a teensy-weensy bit biased… 😉

Back to the yoga…I have three different DVDs of Yoga: one to relax, one to kick my ass and one for runners (stretching/strengthening). Since I haven’t been able to squeeze in a workout in the past two days, I need to have my ass kicked! Who better to do that then Rodney Yee?

If I survive getting beat up by Mr. Yee, I’ll have to make sure to get out and enjoy the weather this weekend! It’s going to get close to 60 degrees on Saturday! It’ll be quite windy, but any temperature above freezing in November seems like a major victory in my book!

What plans do you have for the weekend?

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