I Want To Believe…

The more I find out about the new X-Files movie, the less I want to see it. Also, the reviews that are coming out are not too glowing. Rotten Tomatoes gives it [as of today] a 29%. Granted, it’s no “Catwoman” [which is a 8%], but what is?

So I may wait for it to come out on Netflix. I still need to see the “Sex in the City” movie, though.

* * * * *

But speaking of Netflix, I absolutely cannot wait for the fall when the XBox 360 adds Netflix streaming support so I can watch any “play it now” movie/video through the 360 on my TV. How awesome is that? Especially since Netflix never developed support for the Mac, however, who watches movies at their computer?

Also, after the Microsoft E3 keynote [yes, I know I’m over a week behind], I have absolutely no reason to buy a PS3 now that Final Fantasy 13 is coming to the 360 in the US and Europe in addition to the PS3. It will still be PS3 only in Japan, but nobody in Japan gives a crap about the 360.

I think it’s interesting that SquareSoft is taking this move to offering their previously “exclusive” cash cow franchise to more than one console. I think by the success of 360 games like Lost Odyssey [which I need to finish] and Blue Dragon, SquareSoft saw the niche of the 360 RPG-er not being fully represented.

The cheapskate in me is so happy that they made that decision. I would’ve eventually bought a PS3 [when they got cheaper] just to play FF13. But now, I only have to buy the game!

* * * * *

Also, this site cracked me the hell up: ZombieHarmony

“Because the apocalypse doesn’t have to be lonely…”

*dies laughing*