Who Would Have Thought?

Who would have thought that I would’ve finished a half marathon this year? This coming from the woman who had “run a 10k” on her resolutions list for the past 5 years!

I was undertrained and nervous/anxious as hell (no really…I was completely irrational about it) going into the race on Saturday. Tim and I both took Friday off work so we could get down to Mankato at a reasonable time to pick up my race packet and other things.

Fun fact: Apparently croutons are the new performance food as I had a package of them in my race goodie bag! (also you can see how tired I was the night before the race)

Classic Seasoned Croutons - now with electrolytes!

It was a great course, aside from having to pee around mile 5, that wicked uphill near Mt. Kato around mile 8 and the odd feeling of running through the Sibley Park petting zoo between miles 10 and 11. I was surprised to the number of spectators and cheering crowds there were all along the course. Kept me motivated, that’s for sure!

When I was a 1/2 mile from the finish, the first of the full marathon runners blew past me on his way to a finish. I *just* beat the 2nd place marathon finisher…so I feel good about that.

My final time ended up being 2:37:28 (a 12:02 min/mi), which is right around what I was hoping to do! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would actually be able to DO it! People have been asking me if I’d do another one again, and as of right now (after 2 days of having trouble going down stairs and sitting down in chairs because my leg muscles hate me) I don’t know. I think that if I do, I’ll do the Mankato one again next year…especially if they keep the same route.

For now…ibuprofen!

2 thoughts on “Who Would Have Thought?”

    1. Thanks, Steve!

      I’m not sure how I did it either! I had a hard time running more than an hour…but then the rest of it just seemed to fall into place. Running the actual race was easier because I wasn’t isolated and in my own head the whole time; lots of distractions from spectators, other runners and such.

      Will probably do another one!

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