I'm Getting Too Old For This

Volleyball in Sand, originally uploaded by olfda.

What a blur of a weekend.

Friday was mentally crushing at work; my responsibilities and duties in my role are rapidly expanding because I’m the most capable person to do these new tasks. However, it doesn’t mean I have *time* for such things1. But, it’ll all work out, I suppose.

In front of me is a major project involving our intranet site and coming up with a plan to overhaul it. This project is HUGE.

Saturday, I worked at the PT job (more on that later), got the bug to get a new shirt and found a big sale (score!) at Ann Taylor Loft. Went to Home Depot and got all my flowers for the season and got them mostly planted that afternoon. I say “mostly” because I ran out of potting soil and we had planned on going to HD on Sunday anyway.

Somewhere in that period2, I went for a 5 mile run – my longest yet.

Sunday, in lieu of going out to celebrate Tim’s new job on Saturday night, went out for breakfast at Nat’s Eggs, took my car through the awesome car wash down the street (full service wash + hand dry for $12? Hell yeah!) and went to HD to get our new grill3 and some more potting soil. The rest of the day went as follows:

  • Finished potting the flowers/herbs.
  • Construction of the new cat box enclosure (we used a black/brown cabinet in ours; pictures to come)
  • Built the new grill and grilled on it
  • Cleaned out the garage (Tim did most of that work while I ran to the store to get stuff for grilling.
  • Played sand volleyball4 for the first time in 10 years.

Today, I woke up sore…REALLY sore. Sand volleyball uses different muscles than court volleyball by far, and is more exhausting. There are days when I wonder if I’m too old for this stuff; the running, the competitive volleyball? But then, I forget and keep going like I’m still young.

* * * * *

I might have to quit my PT job. A change in supervisor has thrown quite the wrench into my work schedule there; meaning I’m getting scheduled outside of my normal Saturday morning shift. When I questioned it, I got quite the snotty response which prompted me to go over the new supervisor’s head and compiled a very lengthy email to the store manager asking, basically, “WTF?” I haven’t heard anything from the manager yet, and I knew this was their first day back to the office.

If they’re going to require me to jump through hoops like the power-mad supervisor thinks I should do, they can take the job and shove it. After I pro deal a shitload of new gear that was in my personal pipeline of purchases, that is. It would be a terrible shame if it came to that, though. Aside from the Little Napoleon, I love working there.


1 – you know you’re busy when your supervisor says “you need an assistant”.

2 – it was Friday. Shows you how brain dead I was!

3 – We saved up for a nicer grill to replace the low-end grill we’ve been using for 3 years; we grill more than that grill can handle. Anyone want a working, smallish grill for $20?

4 – The team we played last night (2nd week of league) were a bunch of young, early 20-somethings who won all three matches (by 1 or 2 points). My team, we’re not early 20-somethings and we were a person short. After the matches, the young 20-somethings exclaimed chirpily how “we’re still undefeated!” I so badly wanted to say “honey, you beat a bunch of 30-somethings who were short a person, and you barely beat us. I wouldn’t celebrate too hard on that score.”

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  1. I’d LOVE a grill, but I don’t know where I’d put it, sadly. I don’t know if it’s worth having to bring it indoors after every time I use it; although I suppose I could put it in the fenced half of the yard???

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