Square Lake Triathlon – 9 September 2006

Square Lake Triathlon
9 September 2006

After some interesting driving directions to actually arrive at Square Lake, not to mention the clusterfuck of finding a parking spot (which worked out well, thanks to Tim) and finding my two teammates.

To recap, the race was a 1/2 mile swim, an 18 mile bike and a 5 mile run.

Abby (our swimmer), swam competitively in college. She did her half mile in 13:13 – not too bad. She was one of the fastest swimmers – male OR female – period.

(I’ll let you guess now who the weak link in the triathlon chain was.)

We had a pretty fast transition and I got on the road pretty quickly. This course – more specifically, the distance – was just fine for me, despite the fact that I’ve ridden my road bike only three times this year – and the last time was months ago. If it were a nice, flat road, I would’ve been just fine.

Only it wasn’t a nice flat road – it was what one would call “gently rolling hills”. Well, until the last 4 miles, anyway.

I estimated that it would take me an hour to do the distance – and for most of it, I was making awesome time. Until the last 4 miles.

What was so horrible about the last 4 miles? There was a very long (at least a mile and a half by my estimation) and very steep hill to climb up. For most of the race, I was going anywhere between 17-26mph, depending on whether I was going up or down a hill. But by the midpoint of that long, steep hill, I was slogging away at around 6mph.

Want to know how I made it up the rest of the hill? I cursed everything in the fucking world: gravity, plate tectonics, friction, etc. I also made threats to the hill on the level of “you really think you can beat me?” followed by more swearing. I blush to think of the language rolling through my head during that climb.

Once I cleared the hill, and after a long draw on my water bottle I saw off in the distance a brown sign pointing to where I thought was the end of the race. When I got closer, it was a sign stating that there was 2 more miles to go.


So I trudged along to the finish.

Once I got to the transition area, I had to run from one end to the other (about 20 yards or so) to hand off the ankle timing strap to Angie, our runner. The problem is that I had been on a bike pedaling for over an hour, and my legs were not ready to walk, much less run. However, the time was ticking away, so I ran pushing my bike down to the transition area and running like my legs were asleep and/or having a seizure.

My time for the 18 miles: 1:04:11 (16.8mph average). Not too shabby.

Angie did her 5 miles in 42:38 (8:32 min mile) and our total finish time was 2:01:37.

Guess what?

We finished FIRST in the Female Relay out of 8 teams. We beat the 2nd place team by nearly 3 minutes and totally crushed everyone else.

The funniest thing about that is that I had not been on a bike since June. At all. Can you imagine how blazing I would be with some training? Dude!

So yeah, we were pretty stoked when we found out the results. I may have to do one with them again!

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